Test-Driven Development in JavaScript - step by step

Published: 2014-04-20 by Lars  talkguidetesting

I gave a talk together with Rob Myers at the Mile High Agile conference in Denver the other day. Here is the appetizer:

Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration (CI) are far more common for back-end projects than they are for front-end JavaScript projects. But front-end projects benefit just as much from the rapid feedback of TDD+CI, and we demonstrate how easy it is to do using open source tools. We demonstrate how to write tests(-first) with Jasmine on a simple JavaScript application, including DOM manipulation and Ajax. Then we run the tests from the command line using GruntJS and PhantomJS, and finally set up continuous integration with Travis-CI.

Live demo! No slides, no existing code, plenty of audience participation.

A step-by-step handout will be provided so participants can try the demo themselves after the session.

You can find the handout and the complete code on GitHub.

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