Advanced JavaScript Unit Testing

Published: 2015-04-04 by Lars  talktesting

I gave a talk yesterday at Mile High Agile 2015:

A lot of applications these days have a substantial, if not a major, part written in JavaScript. And not only for the front-end part, as Node.js is gaining popularity on the back-end. You might already have started doing some unit testing for your JavaScript code, but JavaScript has a quite a few concepts where it differs from traditional back-end programming languages like C# or Ruby. This fast-paced talk will show best practices for unit testing code involving 7 of those concepts. We will cover:

  • Asynchronous code, both with callbacks and with promises
  • Time and timers
  • Ajax requests
  • DOM manipulation
  • Responsive design with CSS media queries
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Leak detection

The talk will include a number of live demonstrations covering JavaScript in the browser and Node.js. The demos will use different testing frameworks, including Mocha, Sinon, Jasmine and Karma.

Here are the slides:

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