Sub-second integration tests for your React Native app and Bluetooth device

Published: 2021-09-02 by Lars  testtalk

Today I gave a talk at React Native EU:

This talk is targeted developers creating apps for a Bluetooth device, such as a loudspeaker, a toothbrush or a dishwasher. I report on my experience using the technique of "mock recording" to get very fast and robust integration tests. In collaboration with SOUNDBOKS, a Bluetooth speaker company, I have developed an open source tool for creating and using recordings of Bluetooth (BLE) traffic to test a React Native app using Jest. The tool makes it possible to run several integration tests per second as opposed to several minutes per end-to-end test. The tool is based on years of production experience using mock recording for web traffic. In this talk I introduce the methodology, perform a live demonstration of the tool, and report on our experience using the tool during app development: how is the quality and speed of feedback from these tests, and how easy is the tool to use for developers? The tool is available at


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